We have been on an awesome journey ever since we started and here are a few testimonials that we have received:

"The R8 Academy has been instrumental in helping me crack the ACE exam. The professional training and guidance under Geetha Rajendram is unmatched when it comes to learning tough concepts that Ace expects you to master.

Thank you R8!!"

- Anita Shenoy, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, 2015

"I had always wanted to to do the ACE Personal Trainer Course, and I enrolled with Geetha Rajendram at the R8 Fitness Academy. 

The comprehensive course content was explained very well by Geetha in a clear and precise manner. The classes also consisted of many practical demos that are crucial if one has to be a good PT. The classes were conducted in a relaxed and fun atmosphere and completed on schedule. The practice exams conducted from time to time within the course prepared us really well for the final PT exam. 

Today, I am proud to call myself an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, all thanks to Geetha Rajendram and the R8 Fitness Academy !!!" 

- Maya Thomas, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, 2015

"I had the most amazing experience being in the R8 fitness Academy  for the Ace Personal Trainer course. The entire facility, course, set up, hands-on experience were amazing. This training program has helped me a lot and also taught me more about anatomy, physiology, nutrition and its various uses. Materially as well as spiritually. Thank you so must to Geetha Ma'am who helped us to gain expertise in the course.  Surely looking forward to be back for other courses. Learning to the maximum.

Geetha Ma'am, all the best for all your future endeavors Thank you a lot.

 - Rabbani Baig

My name is JEETU MISHRA. I am a fitness trainer certified from ACE, PIA, RIA. I have done my certification at R8 Fitness Academy. This is an amazing fitness institute. The founder of this institute is the most knowledgeable and talented Teacher I have ever met in my life,and she is GEETHA RAJENDRAM.

She is a fitness encyclopedia. I feel  proud to be her student always. I have learnt a lot from her and i want to learn more. Thank you.

 - Jeetu Mishra

I am from the garment export background. Have always been inclined towards fitness. When I decided to make the transition, was pretty apprehensive , but this changed once I got in contact with Geetha Rajendram. She has been a mentor and guide , always been helpful, with an overwhelming drive to reach fitness to every home.

The knowledge I have gained during the Reebok Group fitness instructor course and the ACE personal fitness certification course has been immense. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor to start my fitness journey.

 - Sandeep Barnabas

Hi. I am Shubhag Rao, ACE certified fitness expert and IFAA level 1 nutrition coach.

Fitness has always been my passion and I also have been training from quite some time now but I never really paid attention to the science behind it. When I made a decision to take it up as a profession, I signed up for  the ACE certification at R8 Fitness Academy which is headed by Geetha Rajendram.


Though I had some basic knowledge about human anatomy and kinesiology, but that was not sufficient enough for training people in the correct manner. Geetha ma'am made it so easy for us to understand the concepts and she actually got down to our level and taught us both theory and practical which really helped me clear my Ace exams easily.

The knowledge given by Geetha Ma'am has really helped me to grow in my profession.

So if anyone is looking to take fitness as a profession and planning to get ACE certified then R8 Fitness Academy is the go to place for you guys. Thanks.

 - Shubhag Rao

I am glad to say that R8 fitness academy along with the Chief instructor Geetha Rajendram are the reason behind my successful completion of the ACE Personal Certification.
I am a National level tennis player and have been training under International trainers for the past 11 years. The knowledge I gained at this academy was equal to the International standards, if not superior. Geetha Rajendram not only educates but also motivates you to become the best in the fitness industry. My trainees now, are getting the results they want, which is a direct result of R8 teaching. 
Here is my advice to anyone who is looking to get an ACE certification - "If you want to be the best, learn from the best (i.e., R8/Geetha)."

 - Preetham Moras

It is my privilege and great pleasure to share my experience at Geetha's ACE coaching classes. I have known Geetha for the past 6 months and I would take this opportunity to point out her capabilities as a teacher, comprised as four major categories.                                           

KnowledgeGeetha is extremely knowledgeable in her subject of interest . I was always amazed by the interest she shows to acquire more knowledge and leverage it in latest research and teaching. I have always got my questions answered whenever I asked anything regarding the subject (ACE). Impressive!!


Hardwork and Enthusiasm: Geetha is very hard working and her enthusiasm towards teaching is commendable. Well qualified and dynamic,she ensures that her students get quality education they deserve. Thus I can state with absolute certainty that Geetha has what it takes to be an exceptional teacher.


Communication SkillsGeetha has got very good communication skills to explain the subject in a simple and systematic manner which will make any student comfortable and confident about the subject. Initially I joined her with little experience in the subject, but her simple and friendly lectures helped me understand and excel in the subject and apply the same at work.


PatienceGeetha shows enormously great patience to make anybody comfortable in the subject. As I said earlier, she has spent additional hours with us to explain and clarify doubts pertaining to the subject like exercise techniques , human body function , human body physical limitations etc... which made me thorough in what I am doing at my work.


Geetha is not only friendly but also constantly gauges our needs as qualified students. She displays genuine concern for the advancement of her students. As a mentor she shares her knowledge and experience and helps us to be confident in the chosen field of interest.


In Bangalore, Geetha Rajendram is one on the best teachers and mentor . I strongly believe she is a value add in the world of AMERICAN COUNCIL OF EXERCISE.


Thank you Geetha!!


- Mayur. M

ACE Personal trainer

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