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  • Geetha Rajendram

5 Must Do Exercises

Looking for exercises that are more effective than others? Here are 5 exercises that should be a part of your routine to help you reach your fitness goals. These are fairly easy to do, but effective in strengthening your body and burning calories at the same time. Remember to also add cardiovascular exercises, eat healthy and sleep well in addition to doing these, for best results.


The squat is an amazing full body exercise that is very effective. It helps you tone your lower body, strengthen your core (when executed right) and burns a lot of calories. There are plenty of options for beginners and many ways to make this more challenging as you get stronger. See here for more info on squats. Squats can be done anywhere. You can do a few just before you go into the shower, while waiting for dinner to cook, while making tea, while watching tv, the list is endless.

Push Up:

Most people avoid push ups since it is considered hard to do. But the good news is that it can be done in so many different ways, keeping your fitness level in mind. As a beginner, you can do push ups standing, against a wall and progress as you get stronger. Push ups not only work your arms, shoulders and chest, but also your core. What is most important though, is that it is done correctly. Get help from a trainer to make sure your form is right.


Lunge is another amazing lower body exercise to tone your legs. The options available are numerous and can be modified to your current fitness level. These can be done anytime, anywhere to give you a quick boost of energy. Make sure you do them right to avoid injuring your knees.


Most activities in our daily life use the muscles in the front of our body. Pulling activities like rows are very important to strengthen your back, improve posture and improve balance. You will need dumbbells (or any other heavy object around the house) to do this. This works your core too.


We have always heard about how great planks are for us. That’s because planks can give you the strongest midsection without the back strain that crunches and sit-ups can cause. As in all the above exercises, be sure to choose a level that suits your current fitness level.

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